Five Preventive Measures to Avoid Back AcheBack ache, be it the upper or lower back, can make life miserable. This is why, we see many aged people complaining about back and spine problems, and how this pain is interfering with their daily routines.

If you are one of those people, who fear developing back pain later on in life, you must take preventive steps at a younger age.

Why to Avoid Back Pain?

Experts say back ache can start at an early stage, even in your late twenties, and no matter how much do we underestimate the risk of getting it, around 80% of us will get it, at some point in our life.

If you are not taking precautionary measures, it’s not only the pain that will make you suffer, but you can also develop some serious spine problems that can affect other body functions.

Back Ache – Five Preventive Measures:

Following are five preventive measures that might reduce the chances of developing back ache problems. Inversion tables can also help with back pains, read the benefits of inversion table.

1: Stop Slouching: Slouching slowly builds strain on the spine and it can be the prime reason for back ache. So maintaining a good posture is required to maintain the ideal position of your spine, and save it from the unnecessary stress.

Try to sit straight in the office, don’t over bend in the sink, don’t sit or stand constantly for hours and practice deep belly breathing to maintain a good posture.

2: Do Exercise Daily: Doing simple but regular exercises bring our muscles in neutral position after hours of sitting in office or standing in the kitchen. Practices such as simple walk, deep breathing, yoga, tai chi and other relaxation exercises can also do wonder for dealing with back pain. People with back pain can try inversion therapy.

Regular exercise also acts like a medicine for all types of back ache. Don’t do aggressive exercises like heavy weight lifting and gardening, because it might worsen the problem.

3: Take Nutrition rich Diet: A good diet is necessary to build a good health for your spine cord and muscles that are attached to the spine. The better your spine, the more stress it would bear without causing pain in the back.

So, take a balanced diet full of healthy fats, proteins and essential vitamins. Eat fruits and veggies containing Omega-3s and B-complex, which actually help to relieve pain from spine nerves.

4: Say ‘Yes’ To Sun: Though sun exposure is blamed for burning the skin and bringing brown spots and freckles on your face, but it is extremely important to promote your bone density. Sunlight contains Vitamin D, a great essential nutrient, for having strong bones and a healthy spinal column.

If you think over exposure in the sun is bad, sitting in the sun daily for 15-20 minutes is enough to lower the risk of developing back pain.

5: Sleep in a Right Way: How long and in what position you sleep, because it is directly associated with back problems and neck ache. Sleeping less or more than our body requirement (which is 6-8 hours max) causes back pains. Similarly, sleeping in a wrong posture also puts pressure on the spine causes back ache.

Make sure, you are sleeping on your side which is the best sleeping posture. Use comfortable pillows, beds and mattresses and avoid long bed rests.

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