If you’re opening a massage clinic, you’re going to need strong techniques and tools. However, it can be difficult to determine which ones are the best. Because of this, you should take the time to study the history of massage, and ensure that you keep up your education with classes. The more you know about [ Read On… ]

Back ache, be it the upper or lower back, can make life miserable. This is why, we see many aged people complaining about back and spine problems, and how this pain is interfering with their daily routines. If you are one of those people, who fear developing back pain later on in life, you must [ Read On… ]

If you’ve been bleaching away your unwanted facial hair regularly, you need to think again! Why We Love Bleaching Our Skin? A light or fair complexion is often regarded as the more beautiful or attractive one. So, those who have darker complexion, it affects our self esteem and they try hard to gain the beauty [ Read On… ]

What makes a face beautiful? True that, good features can play an important role, but those are probably overrated. When you look at the fashion models and other good looking people around you, you will see that not all of them have stunning features or very pretty faces. In fact, some of them have quite [ Read On… ]

An inversion table is one of the best options to ease back pain when undergoing inversion therapy. This form of therapy is usually used to control or ease the pain usually brought about by herniated, degenerative disks and other spinal conditions. Because of the gravitational pressure being placed on nerve roots due to these conditions, [ Read On… ]